Hi there! Welcome to my blog .I am Rashmi, a civil services aspirant, a bibliophile, a solo traveller, a foodie, an overthinker and the most talkative person you will ever meet (trust me) .Via this blog, I will be sharing my confrontation with SOLITUDE and our journey together .The focus of this blog is going to be unravelling the most ignored subject -‘The Self’ and eventually falling in love with it.

What is Solitude ?

You might have heard about this term in the instagram captions of people going on solo trips or maybe some introvert saying this ,or maybe you just know this because you are trying to explore it. Well! As sophisticated as the word seems ,it isn’t that in reality.

It simply means getting aware of your 'Self' ,getting attached to your 'Self' and finding total comfort in being with your 'Self'.

This blog is also going to include reviews of plenty of books that helped me to come closer to myself and all those experiences I find worth sharing. So stay tuned !